Ella CMS

Ella is a Content Management System based on Python web framework Django with a main focus on high-traffic news websites and Internet magazines.

It is composed from several modules:

  • Ella core is the main module which links the rest together. It defines architecture on which other modules are built but doesn’t do anything really usefull all alone.
  • Ella core plugins are plugins that are shipped in one package together with Ella. There are articles and positions which we consider to be a basic toolbox for each Ella site.
  • Other Ella plugins are standalone applications (and therfore not shipped with the core) that provide some specific functionality using Ella’s architecture. We can mention polls, galleries, quizes and many more.

Feature highlights:

  • Simple organization of content based on categories
  • Efficent implementation of the published content
  • In-build photo formating backend
  • Django-admin ready
  • Plugin system
  • Flexibile
  • Scalable
  • Extensible
  • Caching-friendly
  • Well tested
  • Proven in production environment

For creating site using Ella, working knowledge of Django and its templating language is required. It is therfore highly recommended to get familiar with Django before you try to dwell into Ella. You can start in Django documentation.

Sites using Ella

Ella is getting more and more popular. Here are some sites that take advantage of it:



Ella is licensed under the BSD licence. It utilizes many conceps and examples from django itself, djangosnippets and several other open-source project. We would like to thank the community around Django for the huge amount of great quality code they share with other Djangonauts. We are proud to be part of that community and hope that somebody will find this project helpfull.